What is this?

A great books dinner club!

Why are we doing this?

After a year of loneliness and uncertainty, we could all use some conviviality and wisdom. We believe in listening to and learning from those who have come before us, to experience both the familiar and the alien, and to experience the variety of our common humanity. In the midst of felt acceleration and ephemerality, we think it's worth experiencing things that endure — the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Why is it called "The Gap Year?"

Robbie S and Andy E thought it was a clever name for a Book Club that filled in the "gaps" in their educations.

How it works...

We read the book. We talk about the book. We eat food thematically connected to the book. All are welcome to join but please complete the readings. A $20 per person due will help cover the cost of the meals.

What is a great books curiculum?

Here is an example of a "Great Books Curriculum" fro St. John's College in Annapolis | St. John's College Great Books Reading List.

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